Non-Riding Memberships are most commonly applied for by women who are interested in applying for membership, but may not:

  • know how to ride yet
  • own a motorcycle yet
  • have their M Class certification
  • have insurance for their bike
Applying for a Non-Riding Membership allows them the opportunity to enjoy some of the benefits of being a part of Organized Chaos Chicago, while giving them time to meet the requirements needed to become a Riding Member, if they so choose.  Some women may seek to become Non-Riding Members without the intention of ever becoming a Riding Member.  These women are often partners and friends who may not want to drive a motorcycle, but want to attend events and contribute in meaningful ways. Contact our Membership Coordinator for questions by clicking here.

Non-Riding Members can move to a Riding Member status once they:
  • complete the requirements
  • pay the remainder of the Annual Membership Fee.
Check out what it takes to be a Riding Member.