Chicago’s premier philanthropic motorcycle organization for women.

Organized Chaos is a women’s motorcycle group, committed to creating a local community of women motorcyclists and friends of women motorcyclists. Our mission is to support philanthropic endeavors in all communities, while reaching out to empower a community of diverse women through rides, charity events, Pride events and education.

We are proud to offer and organize both Open Rides and Member’s Only rides throughout the Midwest and beyond. From visiting the iconic Poopy’s, to Sturgis, to philanthropic endeavors–we strive to create a positive impact and positive impression wherever we go. By increasing visibility of female riders and their supporters, we are helping nurture the future of this international motorcycle family.

Since our inception only a couple of years ago, we have helped numerous charities (Little Angels, Toys for Tots, Night Ministry, TPAN, F.A.S.T), were honored to be asked to participate as escorts for a Military Family event, provided volunteer security for The Human Rights Campaign and Backlot Bash events, and supported a long list of local independent businesses. Short rides around beautiful Chicago to hidden local treasures or long rides to sample along the infamous Bourbon Trail, all result in peace, fun, and increasing our bonds as family.

We invite you to join us, to be a part of a network of amazing women who love the open spaces, the freedom of wind on our faces, and watching the miles slip beneath our two wheels.

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